Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ton Sai and Krabi

These were the last couple places I visited before heading here to BKK for the teaching job. I loved the whole area and am looking forward to another trip in the upcoming months!

I was in Krabi for a couple days after leaving Koh Phangan. Unfortunately the weather was not the best so I took one zero day, one free boat trip out to a few islands and the other day walked around in the rain through a mangrove forest and the town. I met some really nice people at the hostel and just hung out in the evenings.

The hostel I stayed at was called Pak-Up and I would highly recommend it. It felt more like a hostel you would find in OZ. I did not stay at the Nature View Guesthouse, but I did book everything through Mac who works there. He is a super friendly local (and I would also recommend his place). Krabi is a great town with a lot to do in the area. After a couple days a friend arrived we left for Tonsai and Railey Beaches.

Ton Sai
The only way to get in and out of this beach area is by boat and it def has an island feel. Railey is the beach right next to Tonsai and is also very popular. However, Railey has been taken over by resorts. Tonsai is the backpacker, bungalow area with cheap food and drinks and lots and lots of climbers.

Deep Water Soloing
I have never climbed much, but there are places around here where you can go deep water soloing. I had never even heard of the technical term before- so what happens is a boat takes you to some sweet cliffs you have to climb up and then jump off of into the ocean. It was amazing!

I suppose I have just never fully grasped the concept of climbing up rocks just to get to the top, but if you can climb up and jump into water - then I get it!

Our bungalow up on the hill
I met some really great people in Tonsai and would have liked to have stayed longer, but I had to get up to BKK for the TEFL course. I only had one full day in Tonsai plus two half days. Def not long enough. However, I was excited for the course to begin and to finally start teaching. (since i am posting this waaay late, i am very happy to be teaching and doing what i came over here for! plus its nice to have some money!) The good thing is that I know Ton Sai is down there and that I'll be getting back before I leave the country =)

There were climbers everywhere!

Low tide on Tonsai

Chris on his way back to the boat after the hard section of climbing

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