Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 Before 30

While in Glacier in June 2010, I worked with an awesome guy who inspired me to come up with my own 30 things to do before my 30th birthday list (30 before 30). By the time I got around to making the list it was already September 2010. At the age of 27 I made this challenging list while I was hanging out for a few days in Portugal. I have managed to knock off 6 things in almost a year...lots left to do!

1. Lasik - no more contacts! (March 2013)
2. Go to Africa (my last continent) (March 2012)
3. Swim with a whale shark
4. Swim with a whale
5. Get my dive instructor certification
6. Hike the PCT
7. Work for the NPS (5/9/11)
8. See a giraffe in the wild (March 2012)
9. Dive in the Red Sea
10. Finish a triathlon (9/17/11)
11. Sea kayak with whales
12. Stay at the 3 Moose Lodge
13. Learn a new sport (white water kayaking 8/15/11)
14. Sail across an ocean
15. Buy a sailboat (hopefully a laser!) (May 2012)
16. Visit the Banff and Jasper areas
17. Work/intern at a wildlife rehab center
18. Visit PNG
19. Get published (photo, book, article)
20. See Jimmy Buffet live (Oct 2011)
21. Go to a multi-day music festival
22. Learn Spanish enough for a conversation
23. Go to a Steelers game
24. Go hang gliding/ paragliding
25. Go to the dentist (May 2011)
26. Learn how to put makeup on (Winter 2011)
27. Take Hunter backpacking
28. Master 25 recipes
29. Ride a camel (Nov 2011)
30. Go winter camping (Feb 2011)

Jimmy Buffett live in Denver, CO - October 2011

Working as a Park Ranger 2011

Winter Camping in Rocky Mountain 2011
Rode a camel to break some change - Nov 2011

First day in Africa - March 2012
Wild giraffes - March 2012

9/17/11 - Finishing the Triathlon

Kayaking the Gunnison Gorge 2011


  1. Cool idea. I should do 50 before two years left! I've ridden a camel when I lived in Iran. I've been to Africa (lived in Tanzania for 2 months), I've been to Jasper, and saw giraffes in the wild....

  2. BTW: that's Andrea in the above post....

  3. nice!! yeah why not do a 50 b4 50? its never too late and really fun to check things off!