Monday, November 21, 2011

Full Moon Party 2011

After a few days in Bangkok, Tyler and I took a night bus down to Koh Pha Ngan to meet up with Melissa and Amber. We arrived just in time for the November Full Moon party. I was honestly not in the mood to stay up all night drinking and dancing. After visiting and hanging out with friends and family in the states for the last month before arriving here, I was worn out and ready to just relax. But I went to the island with them anyway while trying to convince myself I would just go to bed early. 

We left early for the beach and immediately got buckets, beer and started painting. It started off slow but within a couple hours the beach was packed. I have no idea on the exact number of people who made it out there but prob right around 10,000. No joke. This is a serious beach party and people around the world know about it. The music was blaring from every beach bar. There was a fire jump rope (I had to do that right away!), dancing, and more buckets than I have ever seen in one place!

I had heard before I went that often there were just too many people making it far too easy to get separated from the friends you arrive with. By 11ish the girls were gone (and it turns out they ended up going home shortly after). Tyler was missing by midnight.

If you have not made it over to SE Asia yet I'll explain a bucket. They come in any color and are full of booze (cheap whiskey is my usual), soda (usually coke or sprite) and then they top it off with red bull or another highly caffeinated substance. Since I don't drink things with caffeine very often I end up getting hyper drunk off the buckets and they usually keep me awake till I can get a sunburn.

Even though they disappeared, it was super easy to make friends and that's what happened for the rest of the night! There was a lot of dancing and bucket drinking with people from all over the world. I met a really nice German dude and we enjoyed some 4am shakes and watched the sunrise from the Kangaroo Bar at the end of the beach. Great view overlooking everything and slightly more mellow.  

Once the last bucket was gone  we went down to the beach and helped out a few passed out people, danced in the daylight and both decided to call it a 'night'. I had a quick croissant with some nice French dudes then started walking home. It was hot and I had a 5 mile walk so I got some ice cream. An Irish guy on a motorbike offered me a ride so with an ice cream cone in hand I hopped on. I walked up to our place at 9:40am! It was a fun night out!

This is me jumping rope!

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