Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oktoberfest in Vail

Everyone dancing down at Lionshead
It was a crazy weekend working up in Vail for Oktoberfest. Lots of work, lots of brats and lots of shots!

A couple times a year I get to work in Vail setting up and breaking down events. Usually we are working in snowpants and boots so working in shorts was a welcome change.

People were not signing up for the Brat Eating Contest so I did. They are a lot harder to eat than a hot dog, trust me. I'll have to work on my technique for next year =)

Brat Eating Contest
 The giant two down from my right won. He ate 5 brats in only 3 minutes! I got down 2 =)

I had to sign a sausage waiver...incase I
choked on one??? haha!

It was totally worth all the free beer! And I even made the
newspaper - my parents will be so proud!

The spill from our first night. It only took 3 days to clean up
Last night out at the bar with George in the background
Our second weekend getting away with skinny dipping in the pool next door =)

Awesome weekend with awesome friends...I was not kidding about the surplus of shots!

Luckily I didn't find out about the shot wheel till the last night!
Loki Jackets - Bring on the mischief

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